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About Garry Brannigan

I have been around photography and photographers for more than three decades. The last 12 years have been spent solely running landscape photography courses; the previous 20 were spent editing photojournalism on UK national newspapers.

A huge amount has changed in photography during that time, but one aspect that hasn’t is my appreciation of self-expressive photographs and all of the processes, both technical and particularly creative that go into producing them. I'm fascinated also by the people who make these successful photographs, which is why I enjoy bringing together small groups of photographers for a creative time on a course.

When it comes to my own photography, I have a split personality. On the one hand I work in some of the most remote and sparsely populated regions of Britain and Ireland, enjoying all that is dramatic about both the landscape and the edge-of-the-weather light. Once I'm home, the other side of my photographic passion takes over and I head to some of the world’s great cities to enjoy a personal project that involves making richly colourful abstract images of the urban landscape.

Wild places or the big city: I find both equally inspiring as photographic subjects and outlets for my own creative self-expression.

In addition to running landscape photography courses, another enduring interest is trying to understand more about the creative process photographers put themselves through.

I have taken the first step in starting a BookBlog in the hope that my photobook reviews will eventually build into a resource for photographers who share my enthusiasm and also value the contribution photobooks make to the overall pleasure we get from our photography.

I have always believed that good photography has the ability to reveal something about the personality of a photographer, in addition to the subjects they choose to photograph. This is why I feel that spending time reviewing a body of work is always more informative and inspiring than the single image.

In addition to the photobook reviews, there are two additional blogs called “The Inner Game” and “In Search of a Wild Place” featuring articles that explore further what motivates us to make photographs that go beyond images of record.


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